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[center]Hình ảnh
Dive Into Kubernetes - Containers, Docker and Kubernetes
Last updated 3/2024
Created by James Spurin (Docker Captain / CNCF Ambassador / Kubestronaut),DiveInto Training
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 70 Lectures ( 3h 55m ) | 2.1 GB[/center]
Get Started with Containers, Docker, Kubernetes with a Docker Captain and CNCF Ambassador *Full Kubernetes Lab Included*

What you'll learn:
The evolution of Containers and the impact of Docker in the world of Linux, DevOps and CI/CD
Docker's Contribution of Containerd and Runc to the CNCF and the Open Compute Initiative
DockerShim, how it relates to Kubernetes and why it's deprecation does not matter
Installation and Setup of Containerd and Runc as our Container Runtime
How to configure and install CNI (Container Network Interface) Plugins
Using Nerdctl with Containerd to provide a Docker CLI experience
Running containers with Containerd and Nerdctl
Installation and Setup of Kubernetes using Kubeadm
Configuring a Kubernetes Container Network Interface
YAML - How to quickly generate Kubernetes YAML using the CLI
Kubernetes Pods - The smallest unit of compute in Kubernetes
The Pause Container - An important Kubernetes component that many overlook
Kubernetes Deployments and ReplicaSets (for Scaling)
Services - For network connectivity
How to deconstruct and reconstruct a Kubernetes cluster, component by component
Architectural Deep Dive: Kubelet
Architectural Deep Dive: ETCD
Architectural Deep Dive: Kube-Apiserver
Architectural Deep Dive: Kube-Scheduler
Architectural Deep Dive: Controller-Manager
Architectural Deep Dive: Kube-Proxy
Architectural Deep Dive: CoreDNS
Architectural Deep Dive: Kube-DNS
Understanding Kubernetes Architecture Diagrams
Further exploration with a thorough Quiz and Challenges

Basic System Administration






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