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[center]Hình ảnh
8Dio Brass Bundle 2 - Solo Trumpet KONTAKT | 12.9 GB[/center]
The Century Brass Series stands as the definitive, state-of-the-art collection of ultra-realistic brass instruments. It is our most significant leap forward in orchestral deep-sampling, infused with emotion and intention in every sample.

The shell of Century Ensemble Brass is our custom-designed user-interface, offering virtually every option to express yourself. All simple. All on one page. Inside the shell, you will find the secret to Century Ensemble Brass: an exquisite collection of luxury virtual instruments, specifically designed for high-end, emotional realism. The Century Brass Sessions took place over two years, with hand-picked players from across Europe, over 700 hours of sessions, retakes, and even further retakes.

Century Orchestral Brass was created with several new recording and sampling techniques. All the legatos are not only layered in dynamics, but also offer completely smooth transitions, even when playing polyphonic legato. We also recorded a wealth of different short notes, so much more than the typical staccatos and marcatos. We recorded unique fanfare oriented short notes, with more bite and tension as well as more traditional articulations at multiple lengths. There are more arcs than you could dream of, and of course all arcs are now dynamically layered and recorded at multiple lengths, featuring true polyphonic legato.

Century Orchestral Brass is not a sample library to us. It is a truly emotional and realistic collection that is an ever-evolving, incredibly deep-sampled brass instrument. It can be anything you want it to be. The softest skin you ever touched or the thunderous end of a world. It can be subtle, it can be Forte, but it will always be lyrical.





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