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 Tiêu đề bài viết: ESRI ArcGIS Pro 3.1.5 (x64) Multilingual
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[center]Hình ảnh
ESRI ArcGIS Pro 3.1.5 (x64) Multilingual | 13.33 GB[/center]
Esri, the global leader in spatial analytics technology, is pleased to announce the availability of ArcGIS Pro 3.1.5. Base release is filled with a host of productivity and performance improvements to keep you mapping, editing, analyzing, managing, and sharing.

What's New in ArcGIS Pro 3.1
Many new features have been added to this release, including catalog datasets, automatic resizing and repositioning of layout elements, time-enabled scene layers, scale-based label sizing, a magnifier window, and a new extension, ArcGIS Reality for ArcGIS Pro.

Issues addressed at ArcGIS Pro 3.1.5
ArcGIS Pro 3.1.5 fixes the issues listed below and includes the fixes listed in the subsequent sections for ArcGIS Pro 3.1.0, 3.1.1, 3.1.2, 3.1.3, and 3.1.4.

BUG-000139285 In a utility network, the domain codes are displayed instead of the descriptions after modifying associations with the display field set to asset type.
BUG-000147443 Improve the Trim Archive History geoprocessing tool to filter out duplicate trim attempts.
BUG-000152055 Unable to see differences in the Differences view when the layer has a join in ArcGIS Pro.
BUG-000152404 Unable to copy and paste the utility network or parcel fabric from an SQL Server enterprise geodatabase to a file geodatabase due to an attribute rule evaluation failure.
BUG-000154971 In ArcGIS Pro, after editing a feature service referencing registered data from a PostgreSQL geodatabase for the first time, a dirty area is not displayed.
BUG-000155010 The STArea() field displays different values based on the table view mode (for example, the Show All Records versus Show Selected Records mode).
BUG-000159073 Map.ChangeVersion() fails to change the version of the second map when using a branch versioned feature layer in ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET 2.9.x and 3.1.x.
BUG-000159921 With a feature class without a coordinate system, ArcGIS Pro crashes when clicking Ready to Use Rules (Attribute Rules).
BUG-000160488 The ArcGIS Pro Locate tool executes a redundant select count(*) query before performing an actual search.
BUG-000161491 The warning message, "WARNING 002547: Layer doesn't participate in the utility network", is returned when creating a network diagram on a utility network layer participating in a join with a non-utility network table.
BUG-000161682 An unknown error is returned when changing HistoricalVersion using DateTime in ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET.
BUG-000162095 In ArcGIS Pro, the attempt to modify terminal connections with a duplicated layer on the map returns the error message, "No Valid line feature has been selected."
BUG-000162360 Performing an isolation trace with a directional device near an isolated section returns incorrect trace results.
BUG-000162567 Creating routes causes ArcGIS Pro to crash.
BUG-000162775 The query builder must not create queries to fetch distinct values when a field is selected.
BUG-000162973 Remove the option to recompile from branch versioned query statements.
BUG-000163037 The Generate Intersections tool takes an exceptionally long time to run on two routes.
BUG-000163124 The median values for an even number of records are incorrect when calculated using data engineering.
BUG-000163163 When a calibration point is added to the end of the route with the same measure and a different date, the calibrate event behaviors do not time slice the impacted point events.
BUG-000163346 Copying a utility network between enterprise geodatabases fails when duplicate indexes are encountered.
BUG-000164293 The ArcGIS Pro Workflow Manager extension displays the message, "Unable to connect," if the request response takes more than 12 seconds to process.
BUG-000164583 While debugging an ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET add-in, evaluating certain properties in the watch window fails with a "Cannot evaluate expression because the thread is in a stack overflow state" message.

System requirements : Minimum: 2 cores, simultaneous multithreading
Simultaneous multithreading or hyperthreading of processors usually includes two threads per core. A multi-threaded 2-core CPU will have four threads available for processing, while a multi-threaded 6-core CPU will have 12 threads available for processing.
Recommended: 4 cores
Optimal: 10 cores
Dedicated (not shared) graphics memory
Recommended: 4 GB or more
If you are using a laptop with an integrated graphics processor, consider increasing the system RAM to compensate for the use of shared memory.
GPU Type
NVIDIA GPU with CUDA 3.7 or higher computing capabilities; 6.1 or higher is recommended. See the list of CUDA-enabled cards to determine your GPU's compute capabilities, or check the CUDA Compute section of the System Requirements Checker.
NVIDIA GPU Drivers: Requires version 456.38 or later.
Dedicated Graphics Memory
Minimum: 6 GB
Recommended: 16 GB or more.
Memory requirements depend on the architecture of the model and the size of the package used.





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